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An emotion wheel is a tool that can be used to identify and understand our feelings.

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Play a game of hangman to highlight a counseling-related word (pro tip: build a snowman versus drawing a picture of a traditional hangman). .

In the center are our basic emotions: sadness, disgust, anger, anticipation, joy, fear, surprise, and trust.

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This feelings wheel covers basic emotions and includes a focus on body-mind connection and coping skills.
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The Emotion Wheel.


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. ". Daily self-reflection where you identify the emotions you experienced throughout the day. 2. An emotions wheel can give them an idea of what word to use.

The feelings wheel also called an emotion wheel, is a tool that can be used to invite kids to talk about their emotional experiences.

. Mar 29, 2020 · All responses generate opportunities for making connections, help integrate mind and body, and prompt valuable conversations that can help people grow in understanding how their unique body-sensations and emotions are connected.

The feeling wheel consists of an inner circle with 5 sectors with the core feelings, or primary feelings, and two outer concentric circles which consists of secondary feelings or those that arise out of the.

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A feelings wheel can help you recognize, validate, and cope with difficult emotions.

Complex emotions are often hidden behind catch-all terms such as “I feel good” or “I feel bad.